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Oliver is now over a month old!  Since the last website update, he has gone to his first birthday, has posted for his 1 month old pictures, and has visited his other great-grandfather. 

The pictures of Oliver in the blue checked vest and with his beautiful smiling mother are from Alex Ford's birthday party.  Oliver had a great time sleeping...

The pictures of Oliver in the brown and blue suit were his 1 month old pictures and were taken at Linda's house.

Finally, the last picture is with his great-grandfather, Albert Turek.

As everyone knows, Halloween is fast approaching.  Oliver is going to be a football, to go along with our family's football theme.  Kang and I are going to football players, my mom is going to be a cheerleader, and someone is going to end up being a referee.  We shall see how all that works out and I will get Halloween pictures up as soon as I can.

Keep checking back for pics...

If you are looking for pics, go to the 'Our Family' page and click on 'Oliver Pictures'.